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Why PEG and Community Access Television Is A Media Justice Fight

Betty Yu writes,”Community Access TV is an important part of our media justice movement.  These centers are unique spaces where community members can come together to build, to connect, to become media literate and create stories on their own terms.  Localism is one fundamental principle of PEG,  tens of thousands of hours of local content are being produced by stations on a weekly basis.  The most marginalized voices in our community, such as immigrants, communities of color, and low-income workers can be heard on these stations across the country. ”

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What you should know about public access television

WCCA TV 13 to read this following link from The Museum of Broadcast Communications. It is exactly what you need to know about PUBLIC ACCESS TELEVISION


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TV vs Public Access TV ( Looking at a Fundamental Difference)

There is no comparison.

One other difference is You may be more likely to be seen on public access (in Worcester that would be WCCA TV 13) than on any other commercial TV channel.

More SOPA ammo

More SOPA ammo :





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Rockin’ WCCA TV 13 the recent news letter is here.

The current success of WCCA TV is possible only through the partnerships and collaborative efforts between our dedicated staff, board, community participation along with encouragement and pillars of legislative / telecommunication laws that provides the necessary foundation to sustain a minimal level or operations for public access television stations across the nation.

The funding we receive from the city’s cable franchise is not nearly enough to sustain the current level of operational capacity let alone to meet the ever increasing community need for affordable television outreach or to empower themselves by accessing state of the art television and digital media tools and facilities. For a city as large as Worcester, public access should be a much larger operation and even more inclusive. Both the non-profit world, local governments and the business community can benefit greatly, at so many levels, by underwriting and participating in the public access television process as well.

In addition to cable funding WCCA also relies upon Community volunteers, interns, community producers, and community and foundation underwriting and support. The amazing activities mentioned in our recent newsletter for example is only a small sample of what goes on in this studio every day. Community television production, youth media activities, learning workshops, internships, covering local events, promoting dozens of events, sharing news information and the personal stories of all who are a part and fiber of our city. The experience has had a profound effect on many and, in some cases, even life changing and life saving. Looking at the programming along with consideration to the regular programming that includes workshops, and volunteer opportunities WCCA is much more than simply providing access to a state of the art TV studio or channels of distribution, it is a vital part in building and sharing community gifts. WCCA TV is empowerment, it’s the voice and face of Worcester, it’s marketing Worcester, it’s a window into Worcester and it’s the place in Worcester to learn, create and connect.

I still feel WCCA can do better. I a working to improve our facility, renovate our studios, to make policy changes with my Board to increase community participation, to elevate the tools, technology and educational programming at WCCA TV. To do this requires advocacy, materials, staff support,community interaction, and capital. The station may be thriving right now, but there is so much more potential ahead of us. We consistently inundated with request to cover or promote events. Not everyone has the time to produce their own TV show. People request staff assistance, or for WCCA to cover events, in spite of the various treatments for programing we offer for do it yourself television. We want to be able to meet those needs and it will be important the City Manager along with the rest of our community work with us to help make that possible.

We want to see stronger business and non-profit particiaption as well as more student activity, local government leaders an agencies, continued to be welcomed to participate as well. The strategic benefits community public access television include affordability, visibility not limited to a a single cable provider for another, and to contribute and work side by side with a broad based and diverse local network of participants and viewers. Face to face, hand to hand, experiential learning, working together to build community community through electronic media. That is what public access TV is all about.

So, I am appealing to you. If you have ideas about how we can work together to make improvements, or if you are interested in underwriting the station to help continue the fine programming, or if you would like to share your talent with us, I want to hear from you. Enjoy the remaining summer and as always, I look forward to seeing you on WCCA TV 13, The People’s Channel”.

All Happening at WCCA TV

People from all socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds will always need access to a community television facility in order to freely and fully participate in our democratic process. While social web platforms such as YouTube may provide some technically-low-level video sharing, they don’t not provide the full scope of opportunities and benefits available at WCCA TV. For more on this story, read Mauro’s blog on the WCCA website: Mauro’s Staff Blog

Keep WCCA on air with your donation or program underwriting through our ‘Circle of Friends.’ We’re a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, so all donations are tax deductible. WCCA TV has a full schedule of news, youth, foreign language, music, religious, cooking, sports, educational and political programs. Support award-winning WCCA TV Programming: DONATE AND SUPPORT WCCA TV . Thank you!

This WCCA TV special offers a preview of what awaits visitors at the ‘Worcester’s 2011 Art in the Park’ at Elm Park. The artwork is on display now through October 2nd. ‘Preview Art in the Park 2011’ has been posted on the WCCA website: ART IN THE PARK

WCCA TV Programming

Go ‘Back to the Future’ with this episode of WCCA’s ‘508’: 508 TV show

Senator Harriette Chandler, host of ‘BEACON HILL CHAT’, welcomes Tom Foley, the former Colonel of the Massachusetts State Police: Beacon Hill Chat

Featured stories on this episode of ‘NEWS 13: COMMUNITY FOCUS’ are: Erin O’Connell interviews three local authors (Jessie Olson, Cheryl Cory, and Liz Steele); Christina Andrianopoulos talks with John Giangregorio and Alan Fletcher about the 6th annual Worcester’s Canal Fest happening on September 10th: NEWS 13

In this new episode of ‘FLIPSIDE’ host Lynne Simonds introduces her audience with three members of YouthGROW: FLIPSIDE

Have a ‘COFFEE WITH KONNIE’ and meet host Konnie Luke’s guest, history buff Dan McAuliffe: COFFEEE with KONNIE

Whether you want to plan a family event or pursue a career in Event Planning, this new episode of ‘RAMONA INTERVIEWS’ should be of interest to you. Host Ramona Pokoly interviews Meredith Bond from the event planning company ‘Crave26 Events’: Ramona

Virginia Swain, host of ‘IMAGINE WORCESTER’ which is a WCCA show about peace and community relations, chats with Robert Bachelder from the ‘Worcester Area Mission Society’: Virginia

Blast from the Past! From the WCCA video vault comes ‘OFF THE HOOK’, a 90’s comedy and music production: OFF THE HOOK

‘DRUM OF THE PEOPLE’ hosted by Spiritwalker Woods, offers a platform for indigenous people to understand and share Native American culture, spirituality, and crafts: Drum of the People

From a deep corner in the WCCA video vault comes ‘STATIC FUSION’ #11, a creative cultural show featuring local music and arts created by Jim Racicot and Allen Levine: Static Fusion

‘SENIOR SPEAK’, a WCCA show for seniors and by seniors, is not your typical senior citizen show. Our seniors are full of energy and certainly know how to have a good time: Senior Speak

‘VIDEO JAM’ is your source for ecletic music videos featuring mainstream and indie rock. Host Tracy Foley has in store an exciting playlist for you: J Mascis, Najjah Calibur, Sally Anthony, David Guetta, Janes Addiction, and Coldplay debuting ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’: <a href="http://www.wccatv.com/video/video-jam/videojam660"Video JAM . Keep jammin’ with WCCA TV!

From the WCCA video vault comes ‘ELLIE SPEAKS’, a show hosted by our veteran host Ellie Grossman, who recently passed away. In this episode Ellie talks with her guest Ray Meola about vending machines: Ellie Grossman

Watch this episode of ‘COOKING WITH GEORGIA’ and learn how to make a special Greek Moussaka filled with filo dough: http://www.wccatv.com/video/cooking-with-georgia/cookingwithgeorgia275 . But wait. There’s also something fishy happening as Georgia and Dez prepare delicious fish stew, salmon kabobs and a potato salad: Cooking with Georgia Real Food. Real People. Real Simple.

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We also stream live on the web at: WCCA TV 13, the People’s Channel


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BandEdge on WCCA TV 13 features the Sandstorm Trio

The Sandstorm Organ Trio will be featured on WCCA TV’s
program BandEdge on
Monday July 25 at 10pm
Tuesday July 26 at 4pm
Wed July 27 at 9am

On cable channel 13 in Worcester or seen online, in real time at wccatv.com

Band Edge #29 Sandstorm Organ Trio has also been posted on the WCCA website at

at your favorite local community television station website

Band Edge is exclusivly seen on TV 13.