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TV vs Public Access TV ( Looking at a Fundamental Difference)

There is no comparison.

One other difference is You may be more likely to be seen on public access (in Worcester that would be WCCA TV 13) than on any other commercial TV channel.


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JAZZED UP trio live at Luciano’s Cotton Club at Union Station in Worcester, MA Fun starts at 7:30 PM
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Forward thinking in Beverly MA and in the Senate

The city there is conducting it’s community assessment and it has determined that it wants to triple it’s public access programming.
It’s always great to see the mission of a fellow non-profit (PEG) facility encouraged.Although the cable is “allowed” legally to pass the cost through to subscribers, there is no law forcing them to pass it on. It also amazes me that Comcast makes a claim that subscribers are not willing to pay any increase. DUH!!! Why doesn’t such a statement come forward from the cable when people are forced to pay for other commercial channels most people never care to watch? Out of the hundreds of cable channels , how many do you never watch that the cable company pays to keep on it’s system? Those cost are also forwarded or passed through to you only not as discriminated / itemized such as your public access channel is. Nothing gives better bank for the buck on cable than your local community/ public access channels. Nothing is certainly more local or focused on building community as public access channels. More that a TV channels public access are community resources. Glad to see the folks in Beverly agree with that.

In other good news:

Senators Call On FCC To Fix USF Disparities

By Juliana Gruenwald

February 22, 2011 | 10:27 AM


Three senators representing largely urban states are urging the Federal Communications
Commission to address disparities in contributions between their states and others as
part of the agency’s overhaul of the Universal Service Fund, which subsidizes
telecommunications service in rural and high-cost areas.

In a letter late last week to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, Sens. Frank Lautenberg,
D-N.J., Bill Nelson, D-Fla., and John Kerry, D-Mass., chairman of the Senate Commerce
Communications Subcommittee, argued that on average their states pay much more into the
fund than they receive back. New Jersey had the biggest disparity of the three states,
paying an average of $4.68 into the fund for every dollar they get back.

The FCC this month launched an effort to overhaul the fund to transition it to support
broadband service over traditional telephone service and reform which providers are
required to pay into the fund. But the senators said the current FCC proposal does not
adequately account for or address disparities between states.

“Although we support the concept of universal service and recognize the importance of
universal access to broadband for all Americans, the USF desperately needs to be changed
to address the numerous inequities and inefficiencies in its current administration,” the
lawmakers wrote.

Some members of Congress, particularly in the House, have said they plan to draft their
own universal service overhaul measure.

WCCA TV 13 wins five more awards

Congratualtions to all those who participate at this exciting community media center. WCCA TV 13 “People’s Channel”. The winning videos offer a hint of the amazing diversity of programming that WCCA TV is so well known for. From comedy, municipal at large, events coverage, live music, to documentary productions, WCCA has it all. Winners include : “WCCA Ipod spoof” an award of Honor, “Canal Fest” an award of Honor, BAND EDGE and award of Distinction, SOAPBOX an award of Distinction, “Union Station” an award of Distinction
Congratulations to everyone for a job well done !

Look for a new training and workshop program listing soon to be posted on WCCA’s web site in March.

FORECAST FOR FRIDAY: JAZZED UP trio live at Luciano’s Cotton Club

FORECAST FOR FRIDAY: JAZZED UP trio live at Luciano’s Cotton Club at Union Station , 2 Washington Square, starting 7:30-11:00 PM.


Sick of shoveling or being stuck in the house? Treat yourself to elegant surroundings, come dine, dance, mingle and groove to JAZZED UP’s romantic music of the American Song book classics. JAZZED UP features, Joe D’Angelo on Bass and vocals, Johnny Dollar on Drums and myself on vocals and piano.

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Public Access Television video blogging since the beginning

Members of our community have been video blogging since 1986. Many of their shows incorporate the opinions of not only the host or reporter of these presentation, but also of their guest.
Cable was the first broadband technology. Today the expansion now includes use of community video as well as internet at a very sophisticated level.
The reach of public access well exceeds many local print outlets and even some radio broadcast. As there are hundreds of centers throughout the nation facilitating a public platform available for many. Even locally, WCCA TV 13’s reach stands tall in comparison to all other media. It is certainly more Worcester specific than most others. In addition there is no other television channel broadcast, on line, or on cable with more locally (Worcester) produced local information and culture and video content anywhere. It’s commercial free and not in competition with commercial media outlets. Which, makes me wonder why, when some reporters mention accomplishments of our producing members or name some of our shows, such as “COFFEE WITH KONNIE”, they often fail to mention the link to WCCA TV 13.
More importantly, than the reach, as valuable as that may be to some, it is the availability of this important resource that contributes greatly to our city by encouraging participation, inclusiveness, providing educational and skill developing opportunities, as well as a free flow of news, information and fresh ideas.
how many cities have public access tv? More than you might think.
WCCA TV 13 is YOUR community pubic access television station Worcester.

Are up for little JAZZ tonight?

Some are planning to go to Luciano’s Cotton Club at Union Station. No Cover, great food. Music by the JAZZED UP Trio.
Hope to see you there.