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I certainly would not like to see the Worcester Telegram & Gazette be diminished in any way. Media convergence is happening everywhere and it is NOT in the best interest of local communities. What I see is an increase of corporate agenda and government propaganda. These pose serious threats to media democracy and democracy itself.

Internet, Wireless, and Cable giants are also merging and also forming spin offs that would literally redraw the map of cable services nationwide and again, not necessarily for the best interest of our communities or consumers. With less competition, comes less information,and less points of views, and the potential to influence your brain and spending, voting, and thoughts will be now in control of a very small few and WE ALL will have much less a “soapbox” to speak and share our point of view or to even hear any dissenting view or opinion.

While there are a lot of complicated layers to what is happening in these industries, and along with the added recent mergers and FCC rulings, the key concerns are the likely loss of competitiveness, and more importantly, the degradation of fair and unbiased access to venues to support the free and opened flow of news and information, the obvious decline of true media democracy, loss of local ability to influence higher spheres of society, a widening of the digital divide.

The last thing we need is for our voices and our community media programs to be muted. What would be left? Same high bills, same high taxes, and plenty of corporate and government propaganda to influence our thinking.

Who will be accountable for that?

Mauro DePasquale



WCCA TV 13 Public Access Community Media. Empowering Community for over a quarter of a century

Watching the station known affectionately by all as “THE PEOPLES CHANNEL”, WCCA TV 13, I am constantly amazed by the volume of works produced by our community members and the scope of the topics of community interest reflected in TV 13’s program schedule and the level of diversity. Every day there are people coming together at WCCA studios to collaborate on a project. Look at the program schedule, while certain groups are battling elsewhere in the World, at WCCA they’re peacefully sharing the channel and our studio technology, as they share their point of view or communicate important information and or events. It’s a window into Worcester and the world. Congratulations to all who participate at WCCA. You are phenomenal !

WCCA recently conducted a community media assessment and, as always, we continue to welcome your ideas on how we can improve the services and programing we provide.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on WCCA TV 13, “The People’s Channel”

Learn, Create, Connect !




George Stoney, a key founder of the public access television movement, passes away

George Stoney considered by many to be the Father of Public Access television has passed away. He died Thursday evening, July 12th, 2012 surrounded by his family. Village Voice Obit and also more here from his home town paper.

During one of my first years in Public Access, I had the honor of meeting him many many years ago at an Regional gathering of community cable television associates. (The ACM had a different name back them.) He left an indelible impression on me that continues to inspire me throughout my career in the public access television movement.

It didn’t take long for me, through the few conversions I had with him over time, to realize the depth of his commitment to truth.

George’s life time career is epitomizes a soulful and tenacious focus on community, media, inclusiveness and justice. He was a visionary who understood the true potential of broadband which transcends the commercial wasteland that corporate politics and rogue capitalism tends to produce. Taking his students through the streets of NYC teaching the idea that each individual has a meaningful perspective, is important, and can provide a valuable contribution to building his/her own community. I understood that he knew the incredible empowering potential Public Access television, and, in fact, he has seen it flourish through the thousands of public access centers through the USA including WCCA TV. Many of his students are leaders in the public access movement today. He also developed unique documentary methods that people continue to use today, and he did not limit his knowledge and methods to his personal students only, he encouraged the public access movement to remove the mystery from the production process, to empower others and to push community media boundaries without apology because it was the right thing to do.

He was a creator, an advocate for the disenfranchised, a film maker, a teacher, a founder of public access, a consultant when needed, a man loved and respected by many.

My mere words can not express the profound impact George has had on our public access community or to me personally.

He will be missed, but his legacy will continue on.

On behalf of all of us at WCCA TV, we extend our deepest sympathy to his family and friends, along with sincere thanks for ALL his has done to stand tall for communities everywhere and for Public Access. THANK YOU GEORGE.

Mauro DePasquale, WCCA TV 13 “The People’s Channel” +


Another WCCA TV milestone

Another WCCA TV milestone

Community wide collaborative shows quantitative results. WCCA TV 13 Public Access is continually evolving as it builds community through electronic media online and on cable.

Rockin’ WCCA TV 13 the recent news letter is here.

The current success of WCCA TV is possible only through the partnerships and collaborative efforts between our dedicated staff, board, community participation along with encouragement and pillars of legislative / telecommunication laws that provides the necessary foundation to sustain a minimal level or operations for public access television stations across the nation.

The funding we receive from the city’s cable franchise is not nearly enough to sustain the current level of operational capacity let alone to meet the ever increasing community need for affordable television outreach or to empower themselves by accessing state of the art television and digital media tools and facilities. For a city as large as Worcester, public access should be a much larger operation and even more inclusive. Both the non-profit world, local governments and the business community can benefit greatly, at so many levels, by underwriting and participating in the public access television process as well.

In addition to cable funding WCCA also relies upon Community volunteers, interns, community producers, and community and foundation underwriting and support. The amazing activities mentioned in our recent newsletter for example is only a small sample of what goes on in this studio every day. Community television production, youth media activities, learning workshops, internships, covering local events, promoting dozens of events, sharing news information and the personal stories of all who are a part and fiber of our city. The experience has had a profound effect on many and, in some cases, even life changing and life saving. Looking at the programming along with consideration to the regular programming that includes workshops, and volunteer opportunities WCCA is much more than simply providing access to a state of the art TV studio or channels of distribution, it is a vital part in building and sharing community gifts. WCCA TV is empowerment, it’s the voice and face of Worcester, it’s marketing Worcester, it’s a window into Worcester and it’s the place in Worcester to learn, create and connect.

I still feel WCCA can do better. I a working to improve our facility, renovate our studios, to make policy changes with my Board to increase community participation, to elevate the tools, technology and educational programming at WCCA TV. To do this requires advocacy, materials, staff support,community interaction, and capital. The station may be thriving right now, but there is so much more potential ahead of us. We consistently inundated with request to cover or promote events. Not everyone has the time to produce their own TV show. People request staff assistance, or for WCCA to cover events, in spite of the various treatments for programing we offer for do it yourself television. We want to be able to meet those needs and it will be important the City Manager along with the rest of our community work with us to help make that possible.

We want to see stronger business and non-profit particiaption as well as more student activity, local government leaders an agencies, continued to be welcomed to participate as well. The strategic benefits community public access television include affordability, visibility not limited to a a single cable provider for another, and to contribute and work side by side with a broad based and diverse local network of participants and viewers. Face to face, hand to hand, experiential learning, working together to build community community through electronic media. That is what public access TV is all about.

So, I am appealing to you. If you have ideas about how we can work together to make improvements, or if you are interested in underwriting the station to help continue the fine programming, or if you would like to share your talent with us, I want to hear from you. Enjoy the remaining summer and as always, I look forward to seeing you on WCCA TV 13, The People’s Channel”.

All Happening at WCCA TV

People from all socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds will always need access to a community television facility in order to freely and fully participate in our democratic process. While social web platforms such as YouTube may provide some technically-low-level video sharing, they don’t not provide the full scope of opportunities and benefits available at WCCA TV. For more on this story, read Mauro’s blog on the WCCA website: Mauro’s Staff Blog

Keep WCCA on air with your donation or program underwriting through our ‘Circle of Friends.’ We’re a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, so all donations are tax deductible. WCCA TV has a full schedule of news, youth, foreign language, music, religious, cooking, sports, educational and political programs. Support award-winning WCCA TV Programming: DONATE AND SUPPORT WCCA TV . Thank you!

This WCCA TV special offers a preview of what awaits visitors at the ‘Worcester’s 2011 Art in the Park’ at Elm Park. The artwork is on display now through October 2nd. ‘Preview Art in the Park 2011’ has been posted on the WCCA website: ART IN THE PARK

WCCA TV Programming

Go ‘Back to the Future’ with this episode of WCCA’s ‘508’: 508 TV show

Senator Harriette Chandler, host of ‘BEACON HILL CHAT’, welcomes Tom Foley, the former Colonel of the Massachusetts State Police: Beacon Hill Chat

Featured stories on this episode of ‘NEWS 13: COMMUNITY FOCUS’ are: Erin O’Connell interviews three local authors (Jessie Olson, Cheryl Cory, and Liz Steele); Christina Andrianopoulos talks with John Giangregorio and Alan Fletcher about the 6th annual Worcester’s Canal Fest happening on September 10th: NEWS 13

In this new episode of ‘FLIPSIDE’ host Lynne Simonds introduces her audience with three members of YouthGROW: FLIPSIDE

Have a ‘COFFEE WITH KONNIE’ and meet host Konnie Luke’s guest, history buff Dan McAuliffe: COFFEEE with KONNIE

Whether you want to plan a family event or pursue a career in Event Planning, this new episode of ‘RAMONA INTERVIEWS’ should be of interest to you. Host Ramona Pokoly interviews Meredith Bond from the event planning company ‘Crave26 Events’: Ramona

Virginia Swain, host of ‘IMAGINE WORCESTER’ which is a WCCA show about peace and community relations, chats with Robert Bachelder from the ‘Worcester Area Mission Society’: Virginia

Blast from the Past! From the WCCA video vault comes ‘OFF THE HOOK’, a 90’s comedy and music production: OFF THE HOOK

‘DRUM OF THE PEOPLE’ hosted by Spiritwalker Woods, offers a platform for indigenous people to understand and share Native American culture, spirituality, and crafts: Drum of the People

From a deep corner in the WCCA video vault comes ‘STATIC FUSION’ #11, a creative cultural show featuring local music and arts created by Jim Racicot and Allen Levine: Static Fusion

‘SENIOR SPEAK’, a WCCA show for seniors and by seniors, is not your typical senior citizen show. Our seniors are full of energy and certainly know how to have a good time: Senior Speak

‘VIDEO JAM’ is your source for ecletic music videos featuring mainstream and indie rock. Host Tracy Foley has in store an exciting playlist for you: J Mascis, Najjah Calibur, Sally Anthony, David Guetta, Janes Addiction, and Coldplay debuting ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’: <a href="http://www.wccatv.com/video/video-jam/videojam660"Video JAM . Keep jammin’ with WCCA TV!

From the WCCA video vault comes ‘ELLIE SPEAKS’, a show hosted by our veteran host Ellie Grossman, who recently passed away. In this episode Ellie talks with her guest Ray Meola about vending machines: Ellie Grossman

Watch this episode of ‘COOKING WITH GEORGIA’ and learn how to make a special Greek Moussaka filled with filo dough: http://www.wccatv.com/video/cooking-with-georgia/cookingwithgeorgia275 . But wait. There’s also something fishy happening as Georgia and Dez prepare delicious fish stew, salmon kabobs and a potato salad: Cooking with Georgia Real Food. Real People. Real Simple.

Keep watching and supporting award-winning WCCA TV programming!

We also stream live on the web at: WCCA TV 13, the People’s Channel


WCCA TV13, channeling community since 1986

This week’s reason why I love WCCA TV 13

Just take a look at our website. It’s the right website for pubic access television. More importantly, look at the top recently uploaded community produced programs brought to you by your neighbors:
Workforce Centrals Entrepreneurs program
Armenia’s Martyrs Day
Worcester Civic Academy
Beacon Hill Chat Woman‘s Conference
the 433rd edition of News13 (News with a community vision)
Be Mentally Well treatments for depression

That is only a small tip of the volume of works Worcester’s citizens produce or present at WCCA TV.

TV at it’s best and it’s WCCA TV 13, “The Peoples’ Channel” [The people of Worcester and the world that is] We hope you are participating or watching. WCCA TV LEARN CREATE CONNECT.

TV that is good for you and the community.

The rational and better choice

Although the article is about Michigan, it is still well worth the read. In those states that moved to state controlled franchising, PEG channels were either lost of severely diminished while the cable or video provider rates continued to increase. The back story here is the importance of public access and how cable and phone companies seem to want to exchange something intended to empower citizens for profit. The bottom line is that every community, under current Federal law, can have a thriving public access community television center, such as what we enjoy in Worcester with WCCA TV 13 and the educational and government channels, or subscribers pay can pay high cable or video service rates without it. Additionally as I have stated numerous times, publicly, on TV, Radio, online and in the press. Support for PEG channels comes without burden to the municipal tax revenues.

When faced with a choice to having to pay a cable rate and that rate is the same with or without the community resources and strategic benefits of public access channels and facilities, what do you think would be the rational and better choice?
I’ll choose TV that is By, For and Of the People anytime.