WCCA TV 13 an institution that stands for media democracy and creative innovation

WCCA TV 13, is a community anchor institution that stands for media democracy and creative innovation. Community Media PUBLIC ACCESS TELEVISION is place where literally THOUSANDS come to share and participate in a free flow of LOCAL news and information. THIS IS YOUR TV STATION Worcester ! Media Democracy in ACTION !!!!

WCCA TV is a community media center in the hub of Worcester’s downtown.
Located in the Theater district of Worcester, WCCA operates as a community TV production house, as a school for communications technology, and community journalism and film and video arts. WCCA is also a neighborhood center and a performance venue.

WCCA TV is seen on local cable channel 13 in Worcester, and around the world, in real time, at http://www.wccatv.com There are over 4,000 video works also available for on demand viewing on our website. 100% of our programming reflect the interest of our local community , because they produce, present or appear on it. There are few organizations in Massachusetts that offer as diverse a membership and programming.

WCCA TV is the place where community and individuals are empowered are they LEARN, CREATE and CONNECT.

proto1-3 To learn more, please visit our website or give us a call at 508-755-1880 ask for Mauro.

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