Stand tall against violence and hate

A short while ago, I received threatening calls due to a newspaper article my son wrote. The attacker thought I wrote the article, and, in turn, was calling for a boycott of the company I work for, and that I should be punished. Another attacker phoned my office threatening to seek my removal, and made other offensive and hateful statements. I didn’t write the article, my son did. He is a gifted young writer, a courageous and passionate visionary seeking truth, justice and world peace. His article called for an open minded look into American Foreign Policy issues concerning the middle east, in particular the struggles between Iran and Israel. At the time of the attack, I felt compelled to respond to clarify. After some time to ruminate upon the situation, I started to feel uncomfortable with my own disclaimer. Not that it wasn’t correct or the right thing to do, and I do not regret it, however, but because some anonymous attackers who, obviously didn’t read the article thoroughly, who did not know me or my son, and, instead, with knee jerk – foaming at the mouth reaction, seemed obviously bent on accomplishing two things: to threaten and censor free speech and thought, and to do personal harm to me. For what? For an article, that I didn’t write, that was calling attention for an open minded look to possibly consider and perhaps even find a solution to peace in the middle east.

Hateful threats are something no one should tolerate. To the person(s) who tried to threaten me with loosing my job, and made hateful statements against my well being and my family, or to attack anonymously with written lies and innuendo, I interpret that as a victory for free speech, for the company I work for, and for the company I keep. It also confirms to me that those who hate and threaten with acts of violence and terrorism might be ill informed, closed minded, and desperately lost in fear. Peace, anywhere, will NEVER come out of hate and violence, or threats and intimidation. Peace, real and lasting peace, can ONLY come from open dialogue, and a free flow of information, diplomacy, and constructive conversation. I applaud any media outlet that is opened and encourages an environment where free speech expressed in a public forum is protected free from political whim and retribution of any sort.

In a way the experience has strengthen my resolve to continue to advocate for justice and to encourage those to stand tall for it and who are not afraid to share their point of view.

I am also proud of all my children, their passion, creativity, and talent is a constant inspiration to me.


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