Disclaimer by Mauro DePasquale, SENIOR

Someone called my attention to a local radio show where some listener called in and was criticizing an article recently published in InCity Times, concerning International and Nationalist policies in the middle east. The article allegedly focused upon Israel and Iran and the history surrounding the tension between the two countries.

I immediately phoned the radio station and stated that I did not write the article. The article was written by my 33 year son, as it clearly stated in the paper, who happens to be a writer who often writes about social justice issues.

My opinion about the article or of my son’s writing is irrelevant. The views and opinions that InCIty Times presents or of my son’s or any of my relatives are not necessarily mine, WCCA TV’s, it’s Board of Directors, or it’s staff or others who avail themselves of the institution.

Any one who knows me and of my work, for the past 26 years at WCCA, knows I have kept most of my political views and personal values private. I direct a free speech public forum that is committed to encouraging open access for all our citizens, on a non-discriminatory first come, first serve basis, to TV 13 and it’s channels.

I am not going to speak on behalf of an article I did not write. If anyone out there wishes to discuss the above topic directly with me to find out the facts about any concern relative to me I am very easy to reach via email or phone in care of TV 13.

I invite any one who might be interested in discussing or debating issues concerning US foreign policy or local politics,or what ever, to consider utilizing the open public access television free speech forum offered at WCCA TV 13. You are welcome to participate in the free flow of news, information, and views and opinions on “The People’s Channel” WCCA TV 13.

Mauro DePasquale, SENIOR


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