Father Michael Bafaro Honor Award a Lifetime Achievement For Service To Humanity

On October 27th, 2011, WCCA TV kicked off a new legacy award the ” Father Michael Bafaro Honor Award a Lifetime Achievement For Service To Humanity”. Each year, working with community partners, WCCA TV intends to present this honor award to a new nominee.

The event was held at Maironis Park and about 185 people joined in the celebration. The event was in part a fund raiser in support of WCCA’s renovation capital campaign.

Father Mike’s family and friends presented testimony to his remarkable achievements. WCCA is especially grateful for his work to elevate this institution. His life’s is exemplary and the perfect model for all to aspire to. WCCA TV’s mission is one centered upon community participation, inclusion, empowering people through electronic media including education, tools and resources along with a free flow of news, information , individual perspective, and a diversity of views and opinions.This is a mission and organization that is and will always be relevant in a democratic process.

Thank you to all who helped make the evening and the entire event a huge success. Thank you especially to Father Mike’s family, and closest friends. Thanks to the Board and Staff of WCCA TV for their contribution and to all who attended. Service to humanity is worth recognizing, encouraging and celebrating.

If you are interested in helping us plan next’s years event contact me at WCCA TV at 508-755-1880 ext 11.

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