The rational and better choice

Although the article is about Michigan, it is still well worth the read. In those states that moved to state controlled franchising, PEG channels were either lost of severely diminished while the cable or video provider rates continued to increase. The back story here is the importance of public access and how cable and phone companies seem to want to exchange something intended to empower citizens for profit. The bottom line is that every community, under current Federal law, can have a thriving public access community television center, such as what we enjoy in Worcester with WCCA TV 13 and the educational and government channels, or subscribers pay can pay high cable or video service rates without it. Additionally as I have stated numerous times, publicly, on TV, Radio, online and in the press. Support for PEG channels comes without burden to the municipal tax revenues.

When faced with a choice to having to pay a cable rate and that rate is the same with or without the community resources and strategic benefits of public access channels and facilities, what do you think would be the rational and better choice?
I’ll choose TV that is By, For and Of the People anytime.


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