Understanding public access television

In case you’ve been living under a rock, alone in a desert:
Rob McCausland writes:
Similarly, public access television (programming produced by the public itself) provides opportunities for people to use and meaningfully process information that the other forms of access television cannot. Comparatively, non-public access television is just “more television,” while public access television is actually community engagement.

Public Access Community Television is not the same as “regular TV”, it doesn’t compete with TV or the Internet. It shouldn’t have to either. It exist for the community to utilize, to share it’s own news and information, culture, ethnicity, views and opinions, a free flow of information. It provides an opportunities for collaborative partnerships, creative visual arts, a place to build bridges and tear down walls through public dialogue in a unique way, with a support system and network that is simply not matched anywhere else.

Yes you may have hundreds of cable channels on cable or the Internet, but how many of those channels reflect the interest of our community while, at the same time provides training and tools, studio space, edit suites, professional support needed to enable you to present your own programming or better still, participate in the making of what you are seeing, at the level that your public access channel can ?

Have you ever wondered, while you’re watching regular commercial TV, what it would be like to be running the camera or editing the show, or acting in front of that camera, or given your own play by play critique of that meeting? Public Access gives you that niche like no other channel.

In Worcester there are three access channels two run by departments of the City of Worcester, channels 11 (WPS) and 12 (City hall ), and channel 13 (WCCA TV “the People’s Channel”, public access). While channels 11 and 12 reflects the interest of those specific city departments, WCCA TV serves the rest of us and the programming there reflects the interest of those in our community who participate. All three channels play an important role in our community.

I’ve often said that WCCA TV 13 is more than just TV it’s a community resource. It’s really more than that. It’s your place to learn, create and connect and become empowered.

If you would like to learn more about public access television visit our WCCA TV‘s website or the Alliance for Community Media. You can also call me via phone at 508-755-1880, I be happy to help anyone understand the reality and value of public access television.


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