In exchanges of rights of way ? AT&T capping broadband.

In an effort that Looks like to me, positioning to find a way to charge even more via metering bandwidth traffic, Telecompetetor writes: AT&T is joining a growing number of carriers who are implementing usage caps on their residential broadband service. The blogosphere is reporting that AT&T intends to institute these caps for DSL and U-verse users beginning on May 2nd. This is good to know as you consider the recent article in DSLREPORTS explaining how about 2-5% of of the bill most pay actually goes to bandwidth as it is. reports that AT&T will begin notifying their subscribers this week of a 150GB monthly usage cap for all DSL customers and a new 250 GB cap for U-verse subscribers. Additionally, GigOM reports that AT&T will institute overage charges of $10 for an additional 50 GB of bandwidth usage (although the overage charges will reportedly only kick in after three instances of customers exceeding their cap – kind of like a broadband three strikes and you’re out approach).

AT&T reports that “…their average DSL customer uses around 18GB a month and these changes will only impact about 2% of all DSL customers.” AT&T has been trialing these usage caps in a couple of markets.

As it is stated that the cap will impact only about 2% of the customers at about 2-5% of the money that actually goes toward bandwidth, it begs how much that is worth to AT&T. Our legislators must be thinking how much that would be worth in exchange of rights of way during these tough times.


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