Your input and ideas needed

WCCA TV 13 is a charitable community organization made up of members from our community. The center is an instituion that is “The People’s Channel” committed to providing award winning public access services since 1986. WCCA is a place where inclusiveness is encouraged. Looking at our programming you will easily see that our diverse membership illustrates a center that welcomes all who live, work or study in our city. WCCA invites all members from our neighborhoods, our doors are opened for all to share what ever they want to share. You will find a window in the various ethnic populations, political philosophies, cultural initiatives, religious points of view, the rolling and shaking of our business and non-profit community, people young and old of all socioeconomic backgrounds. We currently offer classes and workshops, youth media experiential learning opportunities, grass roots journalism programs, internships, and plenty of volunteer opportunities in community media production , do it yourself productions, as well as other activities to advance the public access free speech mission.

Activities at WCCA TV do not rely upon city tax revenues or city tax dollars. The intention behind the station is to provide a public forum that is free from political whim and corporate retribution.

Our mission is to ensure people have access to the use of a public forum through various channels of communication including technology and media with education and training resources.

WCCA TV is not JUST a local community “TV” station, it is YOUR community media resource. The intention of this resource is to empower you, to provides needed tools and channels to allow you to express your point of view, share your opinions, culture, news and information, to connect your organization with the rest of the community while sticking your own core mission, elevate your communication and job skills, promote localism, the benefits of WCCA TV public access mission go on an on.

When you see us advocating for legislative justice or funding consideration relative to our Public Access channels it is on your behalf.

The station welcomes your constructive input with regards to how you think we can better serve and meet community media needs. Please contact me at 508-755-1880 ext 11 or via email mauro[at]wccatv[dot]com.

BTW; we have a series of workshops which will soon be announced stay tuned for more great things happening at WCCA TV 13,”The People’s Channel”
Learn Create, Connect

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