People need public access television and more of it.

This is a good message for cable operators not to mess with Public Access. This is not happening only in Laredo but other areas across the nation as well, people are upset all over where ever and when ever their public access channels and the capacity of such stations are diminished in any way. In Pocatello city, Iowa, for instance, officials are opposing a state bill they worry could threaten the future of their public access. Local governments also see public access to broadband as a means to provide economic development by attracting business, retaining existing businesses, and encouraging entrepreneurship.
In Minnesota, there are a variety of infrastructure projects that involve local municipalities
and counties. The three types of broadband projects being initiated are:
1. Wireless (both retail and public safety)
2. Fiber to the Premise
3. Community Anchor Institution Networks ( That would be similar to institutions such as our own WCCA TV )

Your public access television/community media centers are an important and needed resource. What is needed is a expansion of support for Pubic Access centers, to enable not only continued programming but access to all modes of electronic media.

The sentiment, in general, contrary to what cable and phone companies may want you to believe, is more is needed to support Public Access.


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