Public Access Television video blogging since the beginning

Members of our community have been video blogging since 1986. Many of their shows incorporate the opinions of not only the host or reporter of these presentation, but also of their guest.
Cable was the first broadband technology. Today the expansion now includes use of community video as well as internet at a very sophisticated level.
The reach of public access well exceeds many local print outlets and even some radio broadcast. As there are hundreds of centers throughout the nation facilitating a public platform available for many. Even locally, WCCA TV 13’s reach stands tall in comparison to all other media. It is certainly more Worcester specific than most others. In addition there is no other television channel broadcast, on line, or on cable with more locally (Worcester) produced local information and culture and video content anywhere. It’s commercial free and not in competition with commercial media outlets. Which, makes me wonder why, when some reporters mention accomplishments of our producing members or name some of our shows, such as “COFFEE WITH KONNIE”, they often fail to mention the link to WCCA TV 13.
More importantly, than the reach, as valuable as that may be to some, it is the availability of this important resource that contributes greatly to our city by encouraging participation, inclusiveness, providing educational and skill developing opportunities, as well as a free flow of news, information and fresh ideas.
how many cities have public access tv? More than you might think.
WCCA TV 13 is YOUR community pubic access television station Worcester.


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