A WCCA T “Band Edge” TV show testimonial

“BAND EDGE” a hit music performance show featuring local musicans and performance groups has been placing the spot light on local are talent for nearly two years. We are lining up next season talent. If you or your group, choir, jazz band, acoustic group, can perform at a professional level and wish to share your talent with nealry 50,000 house holds on WCCA cable channel 13 and as well as more on the world wide web at wccatv[dot]com contact me at WCCA TV at 508-755-1880 ext. 11

The following illustrates a groovy and cool testament of this unique opportunity in Worcester.

” I want to thank you, the administration and the staff of WCCA for making
this TV show possible. It is a wonderful experience for us and is such a
great vehicle for sharing our music.

…. we are planning to do a “viewing” on the large screen in the music classroom as part of
our annual jazz “Cool Yule” hang (complete with egg nog and ginger cookies) to celebrate the end of term.

Happy Holidays to you and to everyone at WCCA TV.” Rich Falco Professor Director of Jazz Studies


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