Public Access Community Television An Important Resource

I often find many people who still confuse public access television with PBS. They mistakenly believe that public access institutions depend upon tax dollars or draw from city tax revenues . They do not. Public Access television exist in this country because Federal law allows for our municipalities to mandate support of these centers through the cable franchise agreements in exchange of rights of way. Reading the law it is obvious the intent is to empower community members free from dependence upon government, or giant media/communication companies. Ideally, as a free speech platform, the public access institution should be reasonable funded, autonomous, and free from political whim and corporate retribution. Pointing to the tremendous and amazing volume of community produced video works, workshops, Internships, outreach activities enjoyed by many organizations, including the marketing and promotional benefits experienced by many through WCCA’s public access channel, in addition to networking opportunities, it is easy to understand how public access television offers a significant return of investment for those municipalities that encourage Public Access TV.
Watch the video in the following link to learn about why I think public access is an important and valuable resource.
Something about public access television.


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