Another reason your business may want to consider underwriting WCCA TV programming

After reading this I decided to blog the following as I sometimes get the feeling people discount the reach of WCCA TV 13 on cable or over the internet. The channel’s reach surpasses or at least comes very close to a number of commercial outlets. Our CIRCLE OF FIRENDS cost $100 a month and in exchange underwriters may feel it’s a pretty good bank for their buck.

Maybe your a business that spend lots of money on media. Maybe you are tired of a few inch ads that last one day. Maybe it’s time to consider utilizing Worcester’s local public access station WCCA TV 13, “The People’s Channel”.

WCCA TV 13 is a charitable 501(c)3 organization. The public access community television channel is seen on cable channel 13 to all Worcester cable TV subscribers as well as streaming in real time and with additional “on-demand” video archived on line at that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere around the world. In fact WCCA may be the only non-profit public access center, to have one of the largest community video collections available online in the nation. Putting Worcester on the global map helping to inspire interest in our community from outside entrepreneurs and investors or potential customers. I have always maintained that WCCA TV 13 is more than just a TV station, it’s a community resource. One that helps build community in many ways. You can be a part of that spirit.

There are all types of non-commercial programs presented on the cable channel 13 in Worcester and web channel at, all highlighting an immense diversity of Worcester’s communities, ethnicity, cultural events, social services, non-profit news and information, community local news, youth produced programs, business, politics, it’s all happening at WCCA TV 13. It truly is a place where you can learn-create-connect.

So if you are interested in reaching a target audience, a specific market or just want to participate in a free flow of news and information to help build community, compare the reach of other mediums and consider joining WCCA as a member or an underwriter. We have a new great underwriter plan “WCCA TV’s CIRCLE OF FRIENDS” phone me and let the power of public access work for you. Compare WCCA TV to other commercial media, compare cost, reach, and content. Do you want to lost in a sea of ads or infomercials? Wouldn’t you rather be seen and seen as a community conscience contributing member of society? You would be helping WCCA TV continue all it’s amazing programs including our educational classes, workshops and year round youth programs. Join WCCA TV’s CIRCLE OF FRIENDS TODAY. Phone me, Mauro DePasquale at 508-755-1880 ext. 11 I’ll happy to see you or your business on WCCA TV.


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