“Jazzed Up” got womagitized

Hey that’s cool. Thanks to the folks at Womag for supporting local jazz in Worcester. On behalf of the band, we appreciate it.

Two weeks ago I met a nice couple dinning at the restaurant, the newly married couple were celebrating a night on the town at Luciano’s. They expressed kind words about the band and they told me that the combination of the room and music performance felt like something they’d expect in Manhattan or Boston.They promised to come back to make it their favorite place. Well that they did and with a table of people which included their friends and parents.

We are just grateful to be able to focus on our art and to please others while doing so.

Local music needs support and encouragement. Musican’s work hard and it’s an art and craft that is an important part of the creative economy as much as it is for the quality of life. There are plenty of places that offer live music. The best music can be found in those rooms that best support the musicians that perform. It also takes a community that is devoted to nourishing the musical arts as well by patronizing these establishments.

It’s a great enjoyable experience for those being entertained, for the artist, as well as good for our local economy.

So if I sound a little “JAZZED UP” it’s because I’m looking forward to Friday at Luciano’s at Union Station.


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