Information I found interesting

* Especially useful for the next cable franchise negotiations is, as the article link mentions, the FCC hinted that, in one case, the Wasatch School District in Wasatch County, Utah, that community built its own fiber network and “estimates that it has saved taxpayers of its communities approximately $4 million over the past 10 years compared to what it would have paid to a commercial provider,” according to the FCC.

So it appears that Schools have an advantage some other non-profits may bot have. The FCC says they can rent fiber with federal funds. Something to remember before falling for the cable and or phone company rhetoric which can lead to short changing our public access community channel during the next franchise negotiations.

**You can follow candidate revenues and expenditures here . I found it interesting that in fifteen days ( 9-1 through 9/15 ) three candidates Baker, Cahill, Patrick, for the race for governor, spent $19,16373.50 during those 15 days on their campaigns. It appears, from what I can tell, that Rep. Baker spent the most on media, tallying in at $ 584,429.00 to what looks like in comparison to Cahill’s 27,730.25 on media related services and -$ 0- Patrick spent on media related services. This is not to say that the expense reports reveal any in house media payment. Ii is a snap shot of just those 15 days.
Worcester’s Grace Ross spent -0- of her 7,802.58 campaign funds and Jill Stein spent -o- on media of her $5,320.63 total campaign funds in the same fifteen days. I have no comment but the numbers may seem to tell a story of their own. Interesting.

It’s amazing that when WCCA TV advocated for public access funding needed to continue the capacity of the hundreds of half hour community shows that are produced in our facility and to allow us to continue to maintain a participatory platform in electronic media that includes our training programs and more, to also facilitate outreach for those who need it, how some seem to discount and consider the fact that candidates can spend nearly our entire year’s budget on one or two TV and or radio ads that may be only be 30 seconds to one minute long.


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