Public Access is more than a local TV station or channel, it is a communtiy resource

Public Access is not just about a television station locked in a city or town. Public Access is a community resource helping cities, towns, organizations and citizens build their own communities as well as transcend their city limits.

Those politicians and civic leaders that ignore that and conspire to damage public access or even discourage it’s expansion, do so solely for the sake of greed or self interest and they should be exposed for their betrayal to the local communities they allegedly serve.

The spin that funding or support for public access is diminishing or that local franchises are now shorter terms, comes from cable and phone companies who simply want to control the environment for their own personal gain. City leaders and elected officials should not buy it. Unfortunately some states did buy it and now, they are experiencing a drastic closing of access centers. Leaving citizens, for example, in LA, with no real public access TV presence on cable or the internet. The Full Disclosure Network® presents a six minute preview of a four-part special Documentary series featuring prominent luminaries and civic leaders who describe reasons why they have joined the battle ahead to bring back public access channels in L.A. they are: Seven time Emmy Award winner Ed Asner, Vin Di Bona the Executive Producer of America’s Funniest Home Videos, Stanley Sheinbaum Former U C Regent & ACLU First Amendment Advocate, Ron Kaye, a long-time Editor L A Daily News and B. Scott Minerd Chief Investment Officer Guggenheim Partners and David R. Hernandez, Civic Activist. The Documentary series is hosted by Emmy Award winner Leslie Dutton.

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