Concerned Consumers Union seeking justice against the giant chemical industry.

I’m generally a bit suspicious of possible astroturf groups, however with regard to this subject , and in my humble opinion I, as an individual citizen, support what UCS has to say with the following as industries must be held accountable for unjust activities that place others at serious risk:

“An amendment may be offered to the food-safety bill to make sure a
potentially harmful chemical – Bisphenol A, or BPA for short
– is kept out of babies and toddlers’ food and drink containers.
The chemical has been linked to an increased cancer risk and other
diseases, prompting seven US states to already ban it in some form.

Now, some Senators are pushing to give all of America’s kids
this protection. But the powerful chemical and infant-formula
industries are doing all they can to kill the amendment!

Tell your Senators to put America’s kids before the giant
chemical industry!

BPA is found in certain plastic bottles and food-package liners, where
it can leach into the food and drink inside, and then into
children’s bodies. Hundreds of studies have linked it to health
problems including increased risk of breast and prostate cancer,
reproductive problems, heart problems and diabetes.

The proposed amendment would ban BPA from baby bottles, sippy cups,
baby food and infant formula. It’s just common sense that
babies and toddlers shouldn’t be exposed to potentially
dangerous chemicals.

And there is no reason to put our kids at unnecessary risk, since
containers that don’t contain this chemical are already on the market!

Let’s get this amendment passed! Tell your Senators to support
the BPA ban in kids’ food and drink products.”
Source for the above was Jean Halloran,, a project of Consumers Union


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