Public Access channel WCCA presents it’s wish list.

WCCA has a wish list published on it’s website.

The station is a 501 c3 organization it does not receive local tax generated money or any money from the city hall budget to carry out it’s mission. It does relay on a cable franchise provisions which the city manager negotiated for with Charter Communication. As a result, these provisions seriously challenges and falls short of meeting what it really takes for any station to sustain the current level of success equal to WCCA’s activities and accomplishment in meeting the level community needs in a city as large as Worcester.

So when faced with a choice to knock down the facade of our building to pretty up Main street or install a number of edit suites, purchase new cameras, and production equipment, the station sides with it’s priority mission rather than going the route to end up with a sterile building full of nothing. We choose people and their voices over a building. Everything is easier said than done. The station is seeking help to improve our production facilities as well as to doll up our building.

If you agree the station’s building front and lobby need improvements, I would certainly welcome your donation to the station or in-kind contribution. Write a fat enough check and we’ll consider naming rights even. Checks are made payable to WCCA TV in care of WCCA TV, 415 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608

It may be tax deductible too.

Thank YOU
Mauro DePasquale


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