Tribute to Fathers: Fathers Fest 2010 video at

Common knowledge and scientific studies tell us that good health and well being for our children comes from the needed balance of both their mothers and fathers. Often Fathers often seem to be underrated, under appreciated, overlooked, and let’s face it, often under severed or get the short end of the stick when it comes to social service support and court deliberations.

A credit to Worcester county is the WORCESTER COUNTY FATHERS AND FRIENDS NETWORK. This network does a lot to promote and support fatherhood as well as families in need. We are all very lucky to have such a great organization working to strengthen and nourish local families.


Fathers Fest 2010 can be seen on line on the WCCA website at
Here is the link: Fathers Fest as seen on WCCA TV 13

Rain or shine (and boy was there rain), Worcester County Fathers and Family Network presented 2010 Fathers Fest at Institute Park in Worcester, Mass. There was food, fun, entertainment, and resource tables to help fathers and mothers in our community become better parents.

The video offers a great look at this community event while presenting wonderful insight into a few of the many participating resources and organizations that were on hand and interviewed.

Happy Fathers Day !!!


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