Squeezing ever last dollar out of YOU

According to a recent post on Hear Us Now

Comcast seems to be positioning to purchase NBC.

The following is quoted from the site:

Comcast Owning NBC? From bad to worse!

The drawn out battle between Comcast and the NFL gave us all a window into the kind of control over programming that Comcast will have if it owns NBC.

It’s likely that our cable rates will increase, as Comcast will charge its cable competitors more to get NBC’s line-up. And those costs will get passed on to us! And it’s likely that a lot of free content may disappear, like regular network programming and online access at sites like Hulu.com. Comcast customers can expect to see good programs moved to more expensive “tiers.”

Comcast claims nothing will change. We don’t believe it. The combined company would own USA Network, SyFy Channel, Oxygen, and A&E among others, along with movie-maker Universal Pictures and a big stake in the now-free online TV service Hulu.com.

The FCC has the final say, and the right to reject this merger if it’s bad for consumers.

The Consumers Union reminds us that the recent battle between Comcast and the NFL gave football fans
a taste of what’s to come – games blocked or moved to higher cost tiers.

Now Comcast wants to buy NBC, gaining control over popular programs
like “The Office” and a big stake in the now-free online TV site

Free programs could become subscriber-only, and cable subscribers may
find their favorite programs bumped up to more costly “tiers.” Comcast
says nothing will change, but once they have this kind of power, they
will use it to squeeze every dollar out of you.

Tell the FCC to say “No!” to the Comcast/NBC merger.

This highlights all the more reason we need to be assured that our PUBLIC ACCESS channels remain funded and in the basic tiers and in the hands of the people, from from corporate retribution and political whim. Today it is more apparent than ever that Public Access Facilities such as WCCA TV 13 are need more than ever.


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