Has some ever told you you should have your own TV show?

She forgot to say , “other than Mauro, from WCCA TV”. I may have said that to nearly everyone I have met over the past 20 years. So I know a bunch of you out there that someone has said that to.

This is something that over 1,500 Public Access Centers across this nation has been doing for decades:

Now Oprah wants to hear from all of us. Has she gone Public Access like see on this link my own oprah

Let’s watch everyone go all google like over this googlish ploy.

Well, I for just about the same budget of one episode of Oprah, we run WCCA TV, an entire station, for about a year and this station has produced more than probably 500% more works than Harpo in the same amount of time. So for that kind of dough you should look pretty good on Oprah’s Productions.

If WCCA members need help with your reel give us a call. Of course WCCA will also play that reel on channel 13 and maybe spread it on line too.

Man I wish I had a few million $ for every time I find a commercial network copying a public access show or idea.

WCCA is holding a BE OPRAH on TV casting call. Everyone who appears in their best “OPRAH In Wustah” impersonation will be taped and shown on WCCA, seen all over the world as we now know. Call 508-755-1880 and set up your appointment. Offer ends August 13th.


2 responses to “Has some ever told you you should have your own TV show?

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  2. Perhaps not actually a “Byline” in the literary sense. I did correct it and hope my opinion is more clear. thank you.

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