More subscribers are moving toward the basic tier

According to a recent report, more people appear to be moving toward purchasing basic tier cable. Part of the reasoning for this may be cost and also that much of what can be seen on premium cable or phone video service channels can be purchased elsewhere. Although, cable prices have been very competitive. The idea of one in eight people may be expected to cancel cable or satellite subscriptions, because of the cost, raises a question. Does it make sense for some to begin charging or increasing rates for online customers? Eventually the next monopoly will be the highest cost, so is this just another turn in the cycle of spirally rate increases?

Sure, “premium” products can really be purchased for a number of venues ( netflix, etc., for example) , however, the unique local PUBLIC ACCESS programming that exist on basic subscriptions is a huge draw that video providers could embrace as a marketing opportunity.

I think this highlights the need and value of public access centers such as WCCA TV 13. Where niche local programming news and information is accompanied by a comprehensive vehicle to encourage inclusion and participation in electronic media through a public forum that can be wide cast on cable and online. Is something that cable marketing people have ignored for years. Rather than just promote their own infomercial channels and bundle services, they are missing the opportunity to promote a substantial value and return for the buck that Public Access channels offer subscribers, and the whole community.

Cable and phone companies that offer Public Access PEG channels, have something that satellite programming providers do not have. Encouraging online streaming of cable related products, including PEG channels, creates a new win – win marketing opportunity.


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