Possible reasons why broadband is really such a big deal

FCC Broadband study
The Federal Communications Commission’s October- November 2009 survey finds that nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of American adults use high-speed Internet connections
to go online from home. The FCC conducted a survey of 5,005 Americans in October
and November 2009 in an effort to understand the state of broadband adoption and use, as well as barriers facing those who do not have broadband at home. The main findings are available on this pdf link

Also what Nielson has THIS LINK

And then there is this from Kaiser Study pdf

And this comment posted on WCCA is well worth concideration of course;
Comment on WCCA TV website

We will need to ensure that everyone, including the large percentage of those who are poor, have braodband access. It is not only a matter of rights of way, but when you think about the deliverence of information, and a free speech forum, it is a right we all should have.


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