Health Care: my opinion

With all the scare talk concerning health care reform, there is one thing that cannot be denied. The United does not have the best health care system in the world, and it should and could.
No matter the cost, we, the people, are paying for it one way or another.

Currently, although we all are paying for it, health care is sold as a commodity accessible by the privileged while it’s high cost is ravishing the budgets of federal, state and municipal government and small business. Ultimately restricting who gets quality care, while making the very few running the system very wealthy.

While some politicians are attempting to misplace the focus on “jobs”, we can not lose sight of the fact that one of the reasons people are experiencing job cuts is directly related to the high cost of health care. Health care should not be a privilege and it should not be ruining the economy.

Change is needed. The cost for both health care insurance and health care services are out of control. It makes sense that stronger regulations and price caps are needed to ensure transparency accountability and responsible quality care and treatment is available for all. It’s is time the government start listening to it’s people. Some are gathering to rally for the long overdue change. You might want to consider joining them.

Kevin Ksen writes ( quoted from his email ):
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For the past year the Tea Party has provided vocal opposition to the
movement for change that elected Barack Obama in the landslide
election of 2008. While they seem to be principally interested in
objecting to anything that this administration proposes, the Tea Party
movement has been most successful in criticizing the attempt to reform
healthcare in America. Re-branding the initiative as “Obamacare,” the
Tea Party has been stirring up opposition through invective,
misdirection and lies.

We at Stand up to Stupid believe that if the Tea Party continues to go
unchallenged at the grassroots level we can expect a further shift to
the radical right in our public discourse.

With this year’s upcoming elections, the Tea Party is promoting and
inspiring anti-government candidates up and down the ballot. In order
to provide a veneer of populist support for their positions, they will
continue to stage protests through November and beyond. Stand up to
Stupid plans to answer these actions directly through
counter-protests, education and humor. While we believe our misguided
neighbors should be treated with empathy and courtesy, claims which
are untrue or unreasonable should be exposed as such.

Now, as it appears that the House and Senate are preparing to pass
landmark healthcare reform legislation, Tea Party activists are
organizing a “March on Congress” by staging protests outside of
district offices around the country. Here in Worcester, there will be
demonstrations outside the offices of Congressman Jim McGovern.

Join Stand up to Stupid in supporting healthcare reform and our
terrific Congressman, Jim McGovern, outside his office at 34 Mechanic
St. tomorrow Tuesday, March 16! While the main demonstrations will be
from 8-10 am and 4-6 pm, we’re encouraging anyone who wishes to make
their voices heard to support Congressman McGovern throughout the day
by contacting his office at (508) 831-7356, becoming a fan on facebook
or joining us in the beautiful weather on Mechanic Street.

Don’t let the opponents of change be the only voices heard tomorrow!


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