Yes for the laughs

“Aaron”, allegedly “Aaron” that is, a name and an email I was able to link from the source of the comment, anonymously commented about links to community postings of WCCA TV website. He wrote:
“What crap.”

I’m not sure if that is your real name or not, however, whoever you are, that’s your opinion. My response to the comment has nothing to do folks posting anonymous comments. I just get a kick out of opinions that are baseless. I don’t think facilitating access to a television station or proividing training or simply a soapbox in a public forum to the service of people ranging from high office elected, the Mayor, scholars, ministers, neighborhood groups, activist, docotors, teachers, non-proift professionals, or plane ordinary citizens is “crap”. The rpograming on WCCA TV reflects the interest of the participating members. We encourage membership.

Dozens of non-profit and local business, and hundreds of individuals utilize the station daily to get their message out or to utilize that station’s resources to elevate or communicate something or some cause. Others provide valuable public service worth millions of dollars to benefit the local community. It is a fact that no other TV station focuses on Worcester as much as WCCA. It’s programming reflects the interest of the citiznes of Worcester because they produce, or co-produce or present or underwrite nearly every show you watch. The movement of community news and information nurtures and builds community public access in Worcester ( WCCA TV) has provided a participatory means to accomplish that for more than twenty years and clearly, simply by the numbers of our volume of programing someone is watching, not to mention that when we surveyed random citizens we found 71% of the responders said they watched with 91% of them watching frequently. WCCA is not just about who is watching. It is also about who it is helping and who is utilizing the station and it’s channel resources. Think about the hundreds of interns, and young students who learn TV production skills in a professional environment to develop career skills, elevate their lives in some way. Also how about those organizations who depend upon the station for affordable outreach or others who use the channel to mobilize, to build a constituency, debate issues, share their religious, ethnic or cultural point of view, or simply have fun creating in the video art form. We are far from perfect but we strive to be. The staff, board, and volunteers work very hard to make the station the success it is. They are all very good people and dedicated to the mission of public access television.

Thanks “Aaron”, or whoever, for helping remind me about just how important WCCA TV 13 is to our community. WCCA is an institution that provides an important community resource to empower everyone.

If you have a constructive comment or suggestion feel free to phone me or better yet, stop by and see me. We are always looking for ways to improve. The people’s channel is happy to listen.

I am not joking. But thanks for the laughs and really, thanks for watching.



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