Does Federal law mean anything to some giant corporations?

Yes and a Thank God we fought and won to prevent state control over regulating cable television franchises in Massachusetts.

Those states that didn’t now find they have no say in what a cable cable can do. Imagine your property and city property at the disposal of a cable or phone company without us having any say about it.

In a recent ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH article , PAUL HAMPEL writes how upset his community is about having no say to an action the cable company took to move the city’s public access channels:

” Charter Communications recently moved Public Access PEG channel stations into the cable stratosphere — the 900-plus channel range. The move means that those with Charter’s basic or expanded basic service and with televisions more than four years old now need a digital reception box to get local access channels. The box costs $5 a month.

… Critics here and across the nation have assailed such changes to public, education and government access television (PEG TV) as violations by cable companies of long-standing promises, if not federal law.

…Bunnie Riedel, executive director of the Maryland-based American Community Television, says cable companies have been violating a federal law requiring that they provide PEG TV as part of their basic service tiers.

…”I never cease to be amazed at how brazenly cable companies like Charter will thumb their nose at federal law,” Riedel said. “And they always trot out this nonsense about having to slam PEG into digital Siberia because of analog restrictions.”

…Riedel asserts that the real motivation for the change is that cable companies want to move lucrative home-shopping shows into the more-desirable lower-channel range.

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As usual money means more than our collective voices. Count Worcester lucky so far.

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