You help is needed to restore Belmont Street Community School

A big YES!!!
For the great effort being made to help place the Belmont Street Community School back on track after it was violently vandalized recently.

Your support is needed and there will be some free food in for you as a way of saying thanks.

On Thursday February 4th at 5:30 to 7:30 PM go to the Coral Seafood Restaurant .

Bring a donation. What ever you can afford.

Please come and support our community effort in helping Belmont Community School staff and students. The damage has been a major setback and the reality is many large and small everyday items need to be replaced.
Realizing that economic times are tough any and all donations would be
appreciated. Stop by and give your support its our time to come together for our community.

State Senator Harriett Chandler, State Rep. Vincent Pedone, Mayor Joe
O’Brien , School Committee John Monfredo and Diana Biancheria have all worked very hard to gain the support from corporations and business including spear heading this event on Feb. 4.

Worcester cares let’s prove it.

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