TV and or internet TV

Pretty much the same thing or it someday will be.
Putting the OTT Video Threat into context. The link is worth the read. As people become more familiar with the medium, commercial TV, cable and broadcasters will work to basically merge their current models to an internet based delivery. Print medium seems to be struggling with this as is appears there are many writing free blogs, experts are wondering if consumers are willing to pay for online subsciptions. Why bother if you can get it for free? In time the issues osustainability will come up and writers of substance and appeal will become the magnate for advertisers. So that will pan out, I believe to a model that will look close to the current. Because I also believe it will take a unified collective to attract enough attention to develip serious revenues. I am not an expert , it is just my opinion.
TV however, I believe, will end up looking pretty much the same over the internet only packaged with all types of advertising, perhaps even more annoying than ever before. The higher bandwidth users will be those purchased by the wealthy and the rest of us will simply have to tolerate what we can afford. Premium packages will further evolve. Nothing will really change. Except perhaps those who capitalize on user generated content for their own personal profit like the googles and youtubes of the world.
In my mind this will make public access television even more needed. As long as there are strong mandates to ensure public access exist for the benefit of the people, that public access center will provide at least one venue for the general public to compete with the giant corporate television and phone companies. If not, it will at least compete to fill in what the mega giants can not provide. The true and relevant local voice. Programs that reflect the interest of the people and not just a commercial market profit scheme.
That was what the original intention was behind that act of congress which formed the vestige of the current cable franchise licensing environment. Government recently has been falling short of supporting that intention by not improving upon it but by allowing cuts and diminishing support influenced by cable and phone lobbyist and the government’s own self interest.
There is another aspect to all of this so called potential migration. TV , at least in the instance of WCCA, for example, WCCA TV serves as a community resource. Not all TV falls into the paradigm of commercial television. WCCA, as a public access television station, is a public service, providing a forum, a central location to view or access Worcester video or TV shows. It can be argued that one difference between television and the internet lays in what a TV station brings to the public as opposed to what a single person is searching for. In terms of a public access channel it is what the people are bringing to the air to share in a type of electronic public square. Another idea is that public access television station offers the full menu of services from video distribution which includes cable and internet, public access to studio facilities and equipment, an outlet for niche programming as well as to address public needs, training on how to use such facilities, professional support in all aspects of production and a brand focal point to promote local video works and the free flow of news and information coming from the “people”. That is so much more than commercial TV product. We hope that all local video makers support WCCA public access initiatives. Add your videos to WCCA archive page link to our website, share your non-commercial works on WCCA channel 13. Doing this helps build community. I believe this is the best way to promote local communications and best outreach and cross promote local originated works. At the same time, this community, unified, also builds value to the collective body of works. The work being done by volunteers and staff at the station has made WCCA a real anchor institution in the cultural environment serving to shed light of video creations and fostering the creative enterprise of artistic video and all other community activities and initiatives.


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