Tips to avoid the flu

This came in to me today. It does not appear to be scientific and do not take it as legitimate advice. It is not my opinion either. Here goes.

“Tips to avoid the Flu:
1.Wash hands when ever you move from one location to another, immediately after shaking hands, or rummaging through items in a store, or pushing a cart at the super market, touching a railing on a stairway or escalator.
2. Stand at least 6 feet from anyone who coughs, or even looks sick.
3. Wear a face mask if using public transportation or in a crowded environment
4.Dress warm
5. Eat and sleep well
6. If you already have any chronic condition bulk up on meds
7.Stay in your home away from others as much as possible
8.Eat only thoroughly cleaned organic foods.
9. Stay away from anyone who has been in contact with the flu for less than 7 days.

Of course some of the above may seem a bit over the top. It all pretty much means to stay in bed during the entire season.

I’m beginning to believe that much of all this swine flu scare is just scare. Maybe media zealots have gone way too far. Fear does sell. Probably as much as sex. I wonder what would happen if no one took the flu shot, and simply respected others enough as to not cough in their faces or over store items, or travel among crowds when sick.

All I can say is please relax and enjoy the season. Take care of yourself, move forward with courage and with meaning. In the mean time, I wish that mainstream media will learn to distance itself from such sales tools as fear and sex. You never know you may soon see TV ads stating that dying from the flu is not sexy.


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