Funny thing about RSS feeds

A funny thing about RSS, for a few weeks we noticed that WCCA’s updated website blogs were not being picked up by various blog rolls. I first noticed it when visiting Wormtown taxi’s blog roll, my friend Jeff even wrote about it here at his worcester mass blog roll.

We had our settings good to go on our side, and for instance, Jeff had his things on his side working. The question was why would our RSS work fine for months and then suddenly, for no apparent reason, not seem to be working?

We, double checked our settings / codes, etc., looked into why this might be happening and even though we work with some of the finest engineering minds who deal with this stuff, we even made outside inquiries in hopes to find a final solution. the only answer that kept coming back was “these things are fluky”. That’s all we got. We did recently switch servers, Hmm, maybe, maybe not. Who knows? Not I.

So today, it seems to be working. I can you hear a chorus sing the famous Handel’s Alleluia. Can you? Al-le-luia !!!

Now you will know a little bit quicker about the cool things going on at community / public access television WCCA TV 13 “The People’s Channel.

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