Yes to Worcester’s prolific video production community

You can say YES to WCCA by attending our Harvest Moon Dance / fund raiser on November 20, 2009.

Today on WCCA TV 13 You can expect to see a sampling of the fabric that makes Worcester unique:
Enjoy some spiritual awakening with “El Joven”, “Diocese Special” or “Soul Patrol” or some entertaining presentations of various issues on “Snow Ghost/508”. You can learn about important issues concerning our senior community on “Senior Speak”, get the rest of the news from “Democracy Now!” a national, daily, independent news program.
How about catching up on the latest events and happenings on our WCCA “Electronic Bulletin Board” or get involved in some informative and insightful conversation with “Ramona Interviews” or “Worcester Here and Now” or “Flipside” with Lynn Simmonds?
There some virtual TV traveling presented by Ted Lalos of “My Travels”. You can learn about issues facing the physically challenged on “Miller Chat” or watch interesting ethnic presentations such as “Arabic Hour”, or “Albanian World”. Learn to cook with “Cooking With Georgia”. Don’t forget you can meet some movers and shakers on “For What It’s Worth” with Tom Colletta, or “Imagine Worcester” with Virginia Swain too. How about some local music? Have you seen our “Band Edge” showcasing local bands and musicians?
This just a Tuesday at WCCA TV 13, we still have the rest of the week to go.
There is much more on “The People’s Channel” your community television station.

Visit channel 13 or our website at wccatv[dot]com .
WCCA TV is more than a TV station it is a community resource.

One way you can show your support and help keep such programming continuing is to attend our fundraiser “HARVEST MOON DINNER DANCE on Friday November 20. You can enjoy a wonderful dinner, live music and exhibition dancing, while standing tall in support of Worcester’s own public access television. Ticket information is available on the stations website.

WCCA can not continue to do all it does without your help. We thank you for your support and encouragement.


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