Call Me Doctor Henry episodes 7 and 8 is up. You do not want to miss this.

Season two of “Call Me Doctor Henry” (CMDH) continues with episode 7 and 8
This is an adventure with murder and mystery, through sound and time, like no other.

Roughly based on the writings of the presumably late Recks Read, a local Worcester writer/blogger, CMDH takes the listener on an adventure traveling through space and time, along with a cast of quirky and sometimes irreverent characters, as the Doctor is on a mission to kill Worcester’s award winning jazz group the Johnny Dollar Experiment.

All you need do is pronounce his name incorrectly and you are on his kill list.

On his way to fulfill his death mission, he meets up with Recks who teaches the art of time travel. The Doctor doesn’t get the process quite right. That’s when things get a little warped, let’s just say.

The satirical commercial interludes are real gems tying in with a social commentary that you will not want to miss. If you travel time, remember; do not smell your left hand. To get the full gist of CMDH it may be a good idea to prime yourself up by reading Reck’s story on Johnny Dollar Experiment’s website. Be sure to click you mouse to Call Me Doctor Henry on Drewskimo’s website. Put on your red velvet smoking jacket (DON’T SMOKE), relax and sample each episode (the doctor’s elixirs). I suggest that when you do treat yourself to each episode stay and take time to enjoy the wondrous sounds of “Rusting Of The Metal Chair 1”.

It will be a unique and cultural experience. Sure to inspire a time reminiscent of the golden days of radio.


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