The Zen of a Jazz Moment

After setting up equipment, a bit early, in preparations for about three hours of performing jazz. (Jazz players around here can not afford roadies.)

The evening began with dinner, moving to drinks with stimulating conversations with band mates and some of our fans, exploring the psycology, mathmatics, and spirituallity of the musical and creative experience. The discussion glided and evolved, seamlessly, into developing perceptions concerning the relationships of the performers to the music and their audience.

The last thing I remember was walking up to the piano with my musical colleagues, Opening the set with Jobim’s “How Insensitive” the band played like silk, I remember thinking the romantic lyrics of this genre are such gems and that nothing in today’s music even comes close or probably ever will. So I celebrated the gift of this music and my capacity to share it.

Soon after that I believe I became overwhelmed with joy and lost myself to the music for the rest of our performance. Awaking exhilarated, to see some friends from Worcester who stopped by to share the moment. The evening ended much too soon.

I have to say thanks to the folks at 12 Crane for having the vision and courage to continue to support live jazz. Also thanks to the jazz all stars that graced the stage with me. Joe D’Angelo, Johnny M. Dollar, and Peter DePasquale. Simply the best anywhere.

Jazz Thursdays at 12 Crane 7-10.

Congrats to Anna G. the first to show us a Worcester ID and her Woo card. She got her free beer and a bonus Johnny Dollar CD for having both.


One response to “The Zen of a Jazz Moment

  1. By support I’m guessing you meant actually pays, as opposed to the cheapo places and scum bag promoters that exploit musicians?

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