To day your life will change for the better

Okay, Okay, hold steady, don’t freak out. Promise? Don’t freak out,
o mah gahd !!! ….’ ready?

Episode 6 is here

Yes it is finally here. CALL ME Dr HENRY, episode 6, a new season from Drewskimo wizards of Phoenix.

Who does the sheriff hire to help solve the mystery behind the funk band killing?
Why does the doctor travel into the past in search of Recks Read?
Will the Doctor make his way to the mawf band Johnny Dollar Experiment?
What is Tucker’s spanking new name ?
Is the government really that corrupt to let those bastard world health organization distribute untested drugs in schools?
What’s with the millipedes????

Listen to CALL ME DOCTOR HENRY “Episode 6”, or it will be the last thing you do.


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