Feel like experimenting tonight?

Get Experimental TONIGHT:
JAZZ THURSDAYS with members of the Johnny Dollar Experiment and guest jazz all stars.

The Cannery at 12 CRANE, Southbridge, MA.

Hey Everybody … We’re moving inside upstairs in the restaurant tonight.
They are offering a great dinner special 3 course meal with a glass of wine $35.00 PER COUPLE.
Come on out for some good jazz , food ,and drink 12 Crane Southbridge Mass

First person to show our pianist a Worcester ID or their WOO card gets to choose a free drink of beer or a Johnny Dollar CD

Johnny Dollar Experiment

Hot Jazz in a cool setting

“Jazzed Up” and grooving tonight will be Joe D’Angelo (Bass/Voice), Peter DePasquale (guitar), Johnny Dollar Murzycki (Drums), Mauro DePasquale (Piano/Voice)


One response to “Feel like experimenting tonight?

  1. My girlfriend and I happened to catch you guys two weeks ago. The band was great.
    Only one thing, screaming among all the other voices in my head was the question; why are you not in a city like New York or Paris? You are too good for this area.
    Besides I need a reason to go to New York my girlfriend would agree to go see your band for sure.

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