Yes to a funny new blog

A friend said this was funny so I thought it was too. Fans of satire may like this. Worcesters Tea Party.
Warning I suspect it is not really the Tea Party that has been getting media attention these days. NOTE: I think some of the writing is funny, I am not saying I agree with everything on the site. Relax and have fun.
PS Speaking of relaxing and having fun, I hope to see you this Thursday at The Cannery at 12 CRANE in Southbridge, MA for the continuation of JAZZ THURSDAYS at the Dark Horse Tavern dinning room. You can drink, eat, or lounge in this wonderful environment listening to hot jazz featuring members of the Johnny Dollar Experiment along with guest local jazz all stars.
First person to show our keyboard player (me) a Worcester ID wins a free glass of beer or a Johnny Dollar Experiment cd.


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