Anyone interested in discussing the real issue behind the healthcare debate?

There is a lot of noise surrounding Obama’s plan for health care. The debate is somewhat nebulous however and appears more like a partisan posturing.

It seems a good deal of our economic issues have to do with ever rising healthcare cost.
What seems to be missing, with the exception of a few local bloggers, is an awareness that much the “debate” is more centered around WHO is going to pay for access to quality healthcare rather than WHY, we or our government are tolerating the continually escalating cost.

Some solutions on the minds of some, as I have read on local blogs, suggest eliminating health care insurance, place hefty regulatory price caps on all medical and healthcare products, providing tax incentives for medical practioners who voluntarily subsidize poorer income families, and more, etc.

Do you think these ideas seem reasonable ? What do you think?
Anyone care to discuss it on TV?

WCCA has plenty of forum shows waiting for some honset discussion on this matter. Call me at the station.


2 responses to “Anyone interested in discussing the real issue behind the healthcare debate?

  1. My friend’s lady friend is only 56 years old and has cancer. She was so sick after a short time had to quit work . Her insurance ran out after she lost her job (due to the illness). She didn’t have time for medicaid to kick in. Here is a woman who was never sick a day in her working life, until she got cancer. She worked and contributed to the system. None of that mattered. Making a life or death decision, she luckily was able to reinstate her Canadian status , she moved to Canada to get the proper treatment she need to live longer. What a statement for the good ol’ USA. When it comes to “health care”, Not so good after all. She couldn’t get it here.

  2. Say YES to Canada !

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