Art In the Park , proof culture shines in Worcester.

WCCA shares some news relative to Art in the Park 2009. Please share:
I guess Community Television / WCCA TV members really love Art in the Park. At any rate Worcester’s culutral scene has no problem shining on the local public access channel 13 in Worcester.

1. WCCA TV re-aired Art in the Park 2008 as promotion for this year
2. 4 episodes of Video Jam aired the exhibits as Art in the Park 2009
3. The show “508” by Mike Benedetti , also cable cast on WCCA TV, took place at Elm Park around the Art
4. WCCA TV announced the event on it’s electronic community bulletin board
5. WCCA TV featured Art in the Park 2009 photos taken by staff member, John Simakauskas can be seen also on WCCA’s flickr page and or website.
6. WCCA TV volunteers taped the opening night and made a 30:00 program of footage
7. WCCA TV taped the Art in the Park making a 30:00 program that was aired and uploaded to
WCCA TV 13 , The People’s Channel, Worcester MA. Check out their website:
WCCA TV [dot]com. Thanks to all our volunteers and to those who have donations to support such great programming .


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