Will all pools in Worcester be closed next year?


City Manager has quietly announced he will close pools AGAIN next summer!

The “Save Our Poolz” coalition, a groups of concerned community members,look  for your help. Here is how:
They feel “the City Manager O’Brien is voting with his budget and attempting to CLOSE THE POOLS NEXT YEAR TOO, quietly and behind our backs. ” according to a recent press release.

But it’s the City Council that approves or rejects the budget.

So the coalition is asking YOU to call your City Councilor.

*  Remind them they have all said they would work to fix and rebuild Worcester’s pools.

*  Tell them to REFUSE TO APPROVE the City Manager’s PROPOSED BUDGET unless he restores the $80,240 in pool maintenance costs.
The coalition provides you with city council phone numbers:
Mayor Konstantina Lukes                508-752-5822
City Councilor Michael Germaine     508-341-3745
City Councilor Joseph Petty            508-799-8789
City Councilor Gary Rosen              508-755-3006
City Councilor Rick Rushton            508-792-1091
City Councilor Kate Toomey            508-798-1815
City Councilor Joff Smith                 774-242-1277   District 1
City Councilor Phil Palmieri               508-852-2229   District 2
City Councilor Paul Clancy               508-753-8672   District 3
City Councilor Barbara                     508-414-0266   District 4
City Councilor Bill Eddy                    508-799-9182   District 5

Thank goodness we have some natural swiming holes left in the city.


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