Yes to disclaimers

It seems that a local blogger felt that I, and I guess other bloggers, who welcome open commentary, must take responsibility for comments made by readers of any website I may or may not be associated with. Beware bloggers everywhere. It is disturbing that in this day an age, in the good old USA there remains a few individuals who seem to be bent on the mentality of accusing others to be guilty by association. Remember the hysteria of McCarthism or the Salem witch hunts.

Here is my last word on the subject. Let this put to rest any concern any one may have in the future. I encourage other bloggers to use this or a similar disclaimer:

“Comments, links, submitted by individuals other than myself on this or any other website, do not necessarily reflect my personal views, opinions, nor should they be construed as a perspective that I or any of my friends, family and associates, necessarily agree with.”

People slam things all the time on line, including things and positions I might even care deeply about. I have no control over the opinions of others. After all it’s just an opinion. The thought that the owners of a newspaper, TV stations, or a radio shows necessarily agree with daily comments submitted by readers or participating listeners is somewhat ludicrous.

Let’s get back to positive enterprises.


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