Jeff pointed out that I haven’t posted in a about a year.

Actually, I do blog , mostly at the wcca tv website. Quite a bit.

I started this one to experiment and to do a little promotional work for things I personally thought were worthy of saying YES to.

There is not enough of YES going around these days. One thing I do want to say is that the blog world in this local area is very colorful and interesting. So I will give a YES for that as my return.

A shameless plug: Yes to WCCA’s 8th Annual Art ATTACK. Was a very cool event. It was a mini festival ( only about 2 hours long) featuring miniature  art in video, sculptures, and music.

More good things will be coming. YES.


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  1. I’ve got this blog in my “check weekly” favorites, and really have checked back here nearly every week… all this time!

    Can you put a link to the WCCA-TV13 blog page you post to?

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