Good People do exist in Worcester

Someone wrote a spoof/parady news video expressing an alleged reason why Worcester is poorly marketed. They wisely have a foreigner posed as the head marketing officer, explaining that Worcester is so great they want to keep it to themselves. It is great. Some do want to keep it closed, after all , why spoil a good thing with over crowding? People who lived here all their lvies know it’s a great place to live.

Often we find city initiatives are directed by people who do not even live in the city. Whether it is to deliberate and decide on arts grant funding, planning, or even a cable franchise, citizens often wish people who actually are professionally experienced in such matters, or least, intimately aware of such assets, would be involved in the process, which is too often NOT the case. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, however, inclusiveness at home can go a long in nurturing civic pride while creating a positive incentive for residents to want to see mutual success. Say YES to participation. Do not wait for government or some social agency to step in. Do it yourself. Say Yes, BE THE CHANGE you visualize .

At any rate, there are great things going on in Worcester in spite of that. We say YES to the following blog sites where you can visit to meet real caring and active people of vision who are doing great things in Worcester. It is not an all inclusive list, so feel free to add by way of comments. Let’s think locally and act positive. The top of my list is a great representation of what I am talking about.




cool list








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