Si, molto bene, en Worcester

Some cool things in Worcester:

Italian American Cultural Center: Treat your self by becomeing a member and save big on Italian lessons, wine tasting, book discussions, cultural field trips, monthly gallery openings, concerts, and more. Contact Joan D’Argenis at 508-791-6139.

Say yes to the 7th Annual ART ATTACK April 30 and May 1st at WCCA TV 415 Main Street, Worcester. The TV studio transforms itself into a cultural center investigating the heart of the artist. Music, video, poetry, and FUN!   Call Judy at 508-755-1880

Yes, Worcester has great neighborhoods with friendly people, and plenty of budding trees.

YES today inspired by my friend Recks who writes a Kickin’ blog at italianbred(dot)blogspot(dot)com

Tell me about positive good stuff in your city, I will be happy to share it here.

Si, molto bene !



3 responses to “Si, molto bene, en Worcester

  1. YES!

    More positivity in Worcester, PLEASE give us more!

    Also contributing at

  2. Something Positive from Worcester:
    A rothy blogger cleans up and in doing so becomes THE role model
    check out: http://nolitterinworcester(dot)blogspot(dot)com


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