Say yes, to begin the radical departure from current models of urban economic strategies

Let’s start discussing this. Current economy in this US is not working. Our cities are dying. Perhpas we need a radical change in economic planning and development to move away from current models.


Unlike what I keep coming across, such as the above thinking. I believe the current urban economic models do not work because they have departed from the utilization of local, sustainable workforce and resources. I believe we need to fix attention to a local economic focus first. Cities need more autonomy, their own economy one that meets specific and unique local needs. Not McJobs. Rather jobs that franchise citizens with their communities. I believe what is needed is a creative, autonomous and self-sustaining local enterprise. Supported from within it’s own respective local community. Comparing and treating the current failing economy with models that are positioned upon a homogeneous approach to cities from a national platform is a continuation of what is not working. Best wishes with your efforts.

Say yes to Jan Jacobs “The Death and Life of Great American Cities”


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